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2023-01-18T22:34:34.710Z, Sex scandal in the police: a married policewoman had sex with policemen and they were all fired - voila! Spanning the main street is a sculpture spelling "innocent" in Spanish. Illicit enrichment, money laundering, transfers to tax havens and the purchase of luxury goods and services were some of the alerts issued by the unit. A copy of this disclaimer can also be found on our Disclaimer page. In total, there are more than 30 crimes in total, including child pornography and trafficking in persons, committed between 2015 and 2018. His confession came June 3, three days before his trial was scheduled to start. Naasn Joaqun Garcia was a church leader for a very long time and was a good and famous personality who used to perform good deeds but later on when the actual truth got revealed in 2019, he was directly charged with 20 rape cases there together, and after the investigation by the police officers, proper evidence got to reveal that he was related to these 20 women and salted the women sexually and raped them more than once. In the criminal complaint filed with the Los Angeles County Superior Court, the California Department of Justice alleges Joaqun Garca and his co-defendants committed 26 felonies in Southern California over a period of approximately four years. There are apparently video clips of them engaging in such atrocious acts, some of which even go as far as to include extreme incest. On the other hand, a 19-page complaint was filed in court against Naasn by five unnamed victims. The case was prosecuted by the California Department of Justices Special Prosecutions Section with assistance from the Appeals, Writs, and Trials Section. "He used me over and over again like a sacrificial lamb taken to slaughter. In addition, they accused the La Luz Del Mundo church of sexual battery, intentional infliction of emotional distress, negligence, and gender violence, seeking unspecified compensatory and punitive damages. We should mention that according to Vice, apart from Naasn, his family has also faced accusations of sexual abuse against minors. Furthermore, Susana and Alondra pled guilty to the charges against them. We must not turn a blind eye to sexual violence and trafficking in our state. 2023-01-18T23:04:35.147Z, An 'angel' with artificial intelligence tracks clues to find the disappeared in Mexico Are You Taking It? After the court determined he was a flight risk, Garcia's 2023-01-18T22:22:50.746Z, Netflix presents a very varied and especially humorous cinematographic menu for 2023 Many lifted their fists. As the states chief law enforcement officer, Attorney General Becerra is committed to combatting human trafficking and safeguarding the rights of trafficking survivors. Copyright 2021 The republic Monitor All Right Reserved, Naasn Joaqun Garcia Family, Present Location and Details. It is important to note that criminal charges are only allegations against a person. Considering the evidence set forth in the motion filed, it is clear that his rights have been unjustly violated and all charges against the Apostle should be dismissed, and he should be Joseph Pikul, Murderer of Diane Pikul Now. The La Luz del Mundo church leader pleaded guilty Friday in Los Angeles Superior Court to two counts of forcible oral copulation involving minors and one count of a lewd act upon a child who was 15. Ocampo pleaded guilty in 2020 to counts 19, 20, 21, and 33. 2023-01-18T23:10:41.702Z, Authorities record record number of firearms seized at US airports during 2022 The release of the leader of the La Luz del Mundo church on that date will be conditional on his good behavior. Similar accusations emerged in September last year, so the trial ended up being rescheduled for May 2022. After the big incident, the Naasn Joaqun Garcia Family has always decided to stay away from the LimeLight area as the area from which the family got bad recognition in 2019. The suit was filed by five women who - under the pseudonym Jane Doe - were identified as victims in the original criminal charges against him. In the criminal complaint filed with the Los Angeles County Superior Court, the California Department of Justice alleges Joaqun Garca and his co-defendants committed 26 felonies in Southern California over a period of approximately four years. Naasn Joaqun Garca, 53, who is considered the apostle of Jesus Christ by his 5 million worldwide followers, had vigorously fought charges that included child rape, until abruptly accepting a plea deal on the eve of trial. The Associated Press contributed to this report. 2022 CBS Interactive Inc. All Rights Reserved. Naasn Joaqun Garca, the leader of Mexican megachurch La Luz del Mundo (Light of the World), was sentenced to 16 years by a Los Angeles judge after pleading guilty to three counts of the sexual abuse of minors in his following. The head of the multinational church La Luz del Mundo was sentenced to 16 years and 8 months in prison Wednesday after pleading guilty to several sexual assault charges. 2023-01-18T22:10:50.568Z, Yasmine Ateeq A cultural heritage seminar in Kafr Souseh, Damascus  Thus, the Church of Light assured that based on the motion submitted it is clear that his constitutional rights have been unjustly violated, putting this as the main reason why he should be released. I am incredibly grateful to our team at the California Department of Justice for their dedication to securing justice and fighting abuse on behalf of the people of California. Ocampo will be sentenced at a later date. In denying a defense motion to dismiss the case, a judge said Garca used religion as invisible handcuffs to exploit his victims. The California Department of Justices investigation was supported by several law enforcement agencies, including Homeland Security Investigations, U.S. Customs and Border Protection, and the Los Angeles Airport Police. We will hold you accountable if you break the law, said Attorney General Bonta. Copyright 2023 CBS Interactive Inc. All rights reserved. 2023-01-18T23:52:35.912Z, Between essays, biographies and novels: what books will we read in 2023 Additionally, Attorney General Becerra testified before the U.S. Senate to push for the passage of the federal Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act, which became law in 2018. "I do not see the bars that separate me from you," he told his followers. Its unclear whether the latters work involves him marketing a team or sponsoring them, but we do know he appears perfectly content at the moment. The latter was the leader of the La Luz del Mundo church (translated to Church of the Living God), a non-trinitarian Christian organization founded in 1926. Yet legions of followers ofNaasn Joaqun Garcain his home base in Mexico remain fervently loyal to him, viewing his imprisonment as a challenge that will strengthen their church, La Luz del Mundo (The Light of the World), rather than weaken it. As the leader of La Luz del Mundo, Naasn Joaqun Garca used his power to take advantage of children. He took a plea deal that dropped 23 sex abuse charges to just three counts of child sex abuse. Hes serving a nearly 17-year sentence in Los Angeles on sex abuse charges. Just on March 21, the Church of the Light of the World demanded Nahson's immediate release, after his defense filed a motion claiming that the California Prosecutor's Office conducted incriminating evidence against him. Although, he denied the charges, including raping and trafficking girls from his congregation. Most teachings translate into something quotidian. The Office of the Attorney General is unable to guarantee the accuracy of this translation and is therefore not liable for any inaccurate information resulting from the translation application tool. Heres where he is now. During services, the women sit to the right and men to the left. Explore More In Detail. Nevertheless, there are former members who say their ceremony was not optional. From the walls hang photographs of Joaqun Garca, smiling and wearing a tuxedo. Congregation members in the neighborhood call each other "brother" and "sister" and take pride in helping one another. If you have any questions please contact: Bilingual Services Program at (916) 210-7580. One of the perpetrators was Naasn Joaqun Garcia, the third leader of the organization, who was accused of sexually abusing and even trafficking countless young children over many years. Near the end of the call, Joaqun Garca asked his followers to raise their hands and their voices to God and repeat after him: "I promise you, Lord, that whatever the suffering, I will never abandon you.". Damian The revival consists of repeating "Glory to Christ" nonstop until the youths are heard speaking in tongues to testify that the Holy Spirit has entered them. CBS Los Angeles reportedthe California Department of Justice arrested Joaqun Garcia and two other members of the church, Susana Medina Oaxaca and Alondra Ocampo, in 2019. The church's media relations office claims there is no crime in the area. In 2020, Ocampo pleaded guilty to three felony counts of contact with a minor for the purposes of committing a sexual offense and one count of forcible sexual penetration. They started to move away from the official places where the media could cover them. Powered by VIP. SACRAMENTO California Attorney General Xavier Becerra today announced the arrest and filing of charges against Naasn Joaqun Garca (Joaqun Garca) and his co "Instead of protecting those innocent women, Naasn and the church fostered and then brutally preyed on their blind trust and allegiance in the 'Apostle'". Naasn Joaqun Garcia Family, especially his wife kids and mother, have not provided any serious statement against him as they have kept their silence in the entire matter and have also decided that there is no importance and discussing whatever has happened as they have already decided not to keep any relation with that man and also stay at that has not been any important details available about him. September 19, 2022 / 8:20 AM (RELATED: DOJ Opens Investigation Into Roman Catholic Church Sex Abuse). If you or someone you know has been sexually assaulted, you can call the National Sexual Assault Telephone Hotline at 1-800-656-HOPE (4673) or visit Read Also Joseph Pikul, Murderer of Diane Pikul Now? After the imprisonment of her husband, she has already tried to protect her kids from protecting them from any particular problems they are supposed to face for whatever their father did with another woman. Garca had been scheduled to go on trial Monday on 19 counts that also included allegations of human trafficking to produce child pornography. As a documentary series that lives up to its title in every way imaginable, HBOs Unveiled: Surviving La Luz Del Mundo can only be described as equal parts Every defendant is presumed innocent unless or until proven guilty. Despite the conviction, Garcas followers pledged to stand by him. 13,512 Alert: Alzheimer's-Like They will have to adjust to whatever happens. 2023-01-18T23:22:46.392Z, They planned to "survive the end of the world." Another neighborhood resident, Sailem Castillo, also said she was upbeat despite Joaqun Garca's imprisonment. LOS ANGELES (AP) The leader of a Mexican megachurch faces more than 16 years in a California prison when sentenced Wednesday for sexually abusing three girls who were followers. La Muz del Mundo is represented in over 58 countries and claims to have over 5 million followers. As of today, the Apostle has been detained for almost three years without attainable bail. 2023-01-18T22:22:45.283Z, TikTok, banned from government devices in more than half of US states. 2023-01-18T23:28:35.547Z, Hand in hand with the Argentine Dakar champion Kevin Benavides 2023 Cinemaholic Inc. All rights reserved. His continued hold on his flock was evident recently at the Christian church's main temple in Guadalajara, as thousands gathered to pray for their absent leader during their Holy Supper, the most sacred festivity for La Luz del Mundo. As per court documents, the complainants alleged he sexually abused one woman and three minors, also raping the woman and another child. Many organization leaders, including Susana and Alondra, were accused of being the perpetrators. Another female co-defendant who was a member of the church, Susana Medina Oaxaca, 27, pleaded guilty Friday to assault likely to cause great bodily injury, a misdemeanor. Alma was seemingly always well respected but just not as popular, especially considering her position and the fact theres little to absolutely no information available on her on any public platform. news To gasps of surprise, Joaqun Garca addressed the congregation by telephone from his Los Angeles prison, where he is serving a 16-year sentence. However, this might merely pertain to his father rather than his wife or kids since neither of them has ever been indicted on such offenses. 2023-01-18T21:29:17.222Z, What strategies to use to get out of your credit card debt? Naasn Joaqun Garca leads a service at his church "La Luz del Mundo" in Guadalajara, Mexico on Aug. 9, 2018. HBOs Unveiled: Surviving La Luz Del Mundo explores the story of alleged sexual abuse, many relating to minors, within a Mexico-based Christian megachurch called La Luz del Mundo (LLDM). 2023-01-18T23:16:35.364Z, Department of Justice's "Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Task Force" meets for the first time to set three work directions There are about 1 million U.S. members. It should be reiterated that this religious entity, like its leader, has been surrounded by controversies, investigations and allegations: in December 2020, the Financial Intelligence Unit filed five complaints against it. The lawsuit includes detailed accounts from the five plaintiffs alleging that they were pressured by Joaqun Garca and his associates into performing for pornographic photo shoots, and were forced to engage in sex acts with him. The California Department of Justice has also fought to protect juvenile victims of trafficking,bringing 54 felony chargesagainst the alleged operators of a statewide sex trafficking ring in 2017. Alejandra Molina September 13, 2022. Copyright 2023 Nexstar Media Inc. All rights reserved. Stimulus Check 4 Expected Date Direct Deposit For Social Security Recipients. However, his wife Alma Zamora de Joaqun, with whom hed tied the knot in 1992, reportedly does not enjoy the same status in any of the 50+ countries wherein the church has a presence. Garcia is currently in custody in lieu of $50 million bail and co- defendant Alondra Ocampo, 36, is being held on $25 million bail. Born on May 7, 1969, in Guadalajara, Mexico, Naasn Joaqun Garcia was the fifth of Mexican church leader Samuel Joaqun Flores eight children. Please consult with a translator for accuracy if you are relying on the translation or are using this site for official business. / CBS/AP. In 2014, he succeeded his father as the new leader AKA the Apostle of the La Luz del Mundo. The family is presently in a very bad condition after he has been charged and then sentenced to 16 years in prison. Nearly all closed their eyes. She would target girls and bring them into his inner fold. Nasson Joaquin Garcia admitted to two counts of forcible oral copulation with two individual minors and one count of a lewd act upon a child of the age of 15, according to a statement from the California attorney generals office. A fourth individual, Azalea Rangel Melendez, currently remains at large. Garcas grandfather founded the Guadalajara-based fundamentalist Christian church known by its English name, The Light of the World in 1926. A judge had thrown out four counts of extortion and sentencing enhancements for great bodily injury for lack of evidence. I see your beautiful faces because you are the children of God., Per the AP, near the end of the call, he asked his followers to raise their hands and their voices to God and repeat after him: I promise you, Lord, that whatever the suffering, I will never abandon you. Loyalists, like 49-year-old Sara Pozos, told the AP that the La Luz Del Mundo leaders imprisonment has united the church and changed it for the better., Meanwhile, five women, known as Jane Does, who said Garca sexually abused them between 2015 and 2019, filed a civil lawsuit in the Los Angeles County Superior Court, seeking damages against the church. A new adjustment to the parole eligibility date for Naasn Joaqun Garca, leader of the La Luz del Mundo church, puts him before a possible five-year reduction to his sentence for This is actually despite the fact he was born as the fifth of seven children to Samuel Joaqun Flores (his predecessor) and Eva Garca Lpez in May 1969 in the Mexican city of Guadalajara, Jalisco. In September of the same year, he reportedly addressed his congregation via a phone call behind bars. In the true-crime docuseries, several survivors share their stories of abuse they have suffered at the hands of the powerful religious groups successive leaders, known as the apostles. In 2019, the churchs head, Naasn Joaqun Garca, faced 36 charges, including human trafficking, rape, child pornography, and forcible oral copulation of a minor, according to the Los Angeles Times. The church's doctrine is learned from the cradle. The investigation, which was launched in 2018, culminated in the arrest of Garca, Susana Medina Oaxaca, and Alondra Ocampo in 2019 for conduct that occurred over several years in Los Angeles County dating back to at least 2015. Thats because it charts not just the way the titular Mexican non-traditional Christian Church took advantage of minors for years but also the 2019 apprehension of leader Naasn Joaqun Garcia. Flores was also the subject of child sex abuse allegations in 1997, but authorities in Mexico never filed criminal charges. Garca told the girls after they danced for him that a king could have mistresses and that an apostle of God can never be judged for his actions, according to the charges against him. The attorney general of California, Xavier Becerra, has even said that he is a madman. The leader, of the Church of Light, today behind bars of a prison in California, is accused, along with three accomplices, of multiple crimes. 2023-01-18T22:52:51.370Z, Russia-Ukraine war: USA apparently wants to deliver heavy weapons worth billions to Kyiv OAKLAND California Attorney General Rob Bonta today issued a statement on the nearly 17-year prison sentence imposed by the court for Naasn Joaqun Garca, the leader of La OAKLAND California Attorney General Rob Bonta today announced securing a guilty plea and conviction against Naasn Joaqun Garca, the leader of La Luz del Mundo, for multiple LOS ANGELES (RNS) Naasn Joaqun Garca, the leader of La Luz del Mundo, is facing a new lawsuit filed by five women who allege he sexually abused them while other church members groomed them and used the religion as ammunition against them. 2023-01-18T21:58:39.792Z, Manuela Schwesig: "I underestimated Putin's aggressiveness" Naason Joaquin Garcia was arrested in L.A. this past summer and charged with child sexual abuse and human trafficking. As a result of todays guilty plea, Garca has been convicted of two counts of forcible oral copulation involving minors and one count of a lewd act upon a child who was 15 years old. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. 2023-01-18T23:22:51.824Z, Democratic Republic of the Congo: UN blue helmets find mass graves with almost 50 dead "All this goes to show that although you are part of this world, you have accepted a very particular way of life because you are Christian," Snchez-Walsh said. 2023-01-18T23:16:51.808Z, Barby Franco showed her body a month after the birth of her daughter and received praise: "Finally a famous woman who publishes something real and natural" It accuses Joaqun Garca of conditioning victims, under the guise of religion, to serve him above all else, ultimately resulting in the sexual abuse over the course of several years. The head of the multinational church La Luz del Mundo was sentenced to 16 years and 8 months in prison Wednesday after pleading guilty to several sexual assault charges. The latter was the leader of the La According to recent records, Naasn was transferred to the North Kern State Prison in Delano, California, in August 2022. "Knowing that these abuses took place there, in my happy place, in my safe place, is horrible," she said. He relied on those around him to groom congregants for the purposes of sexual assault. They were suspected of committing 26 felonies in Los Angeles County between 2015 and 2018. Nassn Joaqun continues to be the leader of La Luz del Mundo church and one of the most powerful ministers of worship in Mexico.

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