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If it wasn't obvious, Tom's a total drama queen. Kendall greets Frank over the phone as they discuss the shareholder meeting. Eavis: I'm sorry? This subtle moment was effortlessly funny and showed how Gregs sweetness makes him the friendliest character in Succession. getty images The hit HBO show Succession gets most of its drama, comedy, and tension from the cutthroat corporate world. As do Karl's "This is the full Baskin Robbins. Oh. She got promoted. 2023 TV Fanatic or any of the show's manysupporting characters. Roman explains one of Logans UTI induced delusions to Kendall. Though Tom's attempt at wit makes Roman roll his eyes, he successfully makes Rhea laugh. Josh thanks Kendall and Logan for meeting him to talk business. He even accidentally finds himself on Kendall's team when he goes rogue. pop culture Standing out amongst his wealthy, powerful family members, Greg's I mean, except if O.J. In a random but hilarious short story, Greg had to have his feet checked for an infection while on the yacht. Wokeahontas? Luckily, you have to look no further than episode one. 845898), Just so you know, whilst we may receive a commission or other compensation from the links on this website, we never allow this to influence product selections -. Though he certainly has his moments, as Shiv's (Sarah Snook) husband and permanent outsider to the family, poor Tom Wambsgans is often the lesser of many bellends. As the head of the department, Tom was to deliver a speech on behalf of all of ATN and expected his signature slogan to be a we hear you. It won't add up.Kendall: Right. Greg: Uh, yeah, are there any additionals Gerri: First, second-born son. Succession delivered some more quotable dialogue in its third season at HBO. . What am I gonna do with a soul anyways? As you can tell, Roman (Kieran Culkin) and Stewy (Arian Moayed) Kendall's friend from college, Waystar investor and proxy battle instigator do not get along. Greg is one of the funniest characters because he seems absolutely clueless when attempting to deal with these ruthless people. Karl, if your hands are clean, its only because your whorehouse also does manicures.. In order to survive, the characters have to be willing to backstab, be immoral, and always be looking out for themselves. Logan: What the fuck was that?Shiv: Uh, I don't know. However, it later becomes clear that any good that is in Greg disappears once his money is threatened. Published Sep 18, 2022. Colin has had a long passion and obsession with movies going back to the first time he saw The Lion King in theaters. Shes gonna give birth to dads baby while we chant a satanic mass.. Youre going to sue Greenpeace? Tom and Greg have one of the funniest relationships on the show. Caroline tells Shiv, suggesting that she would have been better off not having children. But despite his blundering, Greg shows that he is at least smart enough to ensure he is not such an easy target. Roman dismisses the idea with a hilariously generalized view of milk drinkers. Tom asks Greg who hopes his friend will take the fall for both of them so he can evade prison time. You know it's, it's nothing.Kendall: Right. Although this should have been an easy question to answer, Greg completely stumbled and stammered in his response, Yes, if it has to be said, it is so, it is so. When Senator Eavis asked Greg to speak normally, Greg tried, but failed miserably. Though Kendall's cringe-inducing "L to the O-G" rap stole the show in terms of scenes in this episode, Ewan's one of many digs at the quality of journalism at Waystar is a killer insult literally. Does no one understand what the f**k is happening? When Greg shows up wearing boat shoes on his first day of work, Tom immediately pounces. Reaching to mock his underling, Tom paints a nautical word picture so random and offbeat, even Greg looks lost for words. Cousin Greg says, observing the kind of demographic thats attending the Future Freedom Summit. High quality Greg Succession Quotes-inspired gifts and merchandise. There are frankly too many iconic Cousin Greg quotes from the entire series so far, but Succession fans may remember these best. Greg exclaims this upon learning that Kendalls been denied access to the Waystar building. Since Greg was essentially a whole new face, the doorman did not recognize Greg and refused to pay. Instead of directly confronting Shiv about his trepidation, he came up with a scheme to impregnate her. Shiv can't brush his concerns off fast enough so she can return to mingling with Nate, but Tom is oblivious to her indifference. Right? When Tom You told me you wanted an opening relationship on our fucking wedding night.Shiv: This. Roman tells Gerri (J. Smith-Cameron) as they wait for news regarding Waystars next CEO in a hotel room. When Tom asks Greg about the job he did in destroying sensitive evidence, Greg is quick to correct him as "What we did?" After his grandfather reveals he is donating Greg's inheritance to Greenpeace, Greg seeks various shifty methods of getting it back, including suing the charity. It seems the more that Greg hangs around the rest of the Roy family, You tried to assassinate dad with the sun.. Logan: It's OK, Shiv. Although it sounds absurd, Tom and Greg agreed it was a happy medium, but Tom was ultimately laughed at because of it. RELATED: The Best Cinematic Performance From Every Lead Actor In The Estate. The highly lauded show follows the mega-rich exploits of the Roy family members, who help run the global media empire Waystar RoyCo and are based on the real-life Murdochs, Disneys and more. Greg's attraction to Comfry often gives Tom and Shiv a good laugh. I deserve it. This content is published for the entertainment of our users only. Despite trying to present themselves to the public as down-to-earth, they are shielded behind a wall of wealth and have no real interest in knowing how real people live. Hey dude. While much of the focus is placed on which of the Roy children will be able to take over the company from their father, the end of season 3 revealed some unexpected power plays. Tom tells Kendall who is trying to persuade him to change sides in the Roy family fight. While Logan wonders whether they should cooperate with the government, Shiv is reluctant to do anything but cooperate. Yeah, dad. Tom questions Greg after learning the reason hes reluctant to use the Waystar lawyers because Kendalls hooking him up with a cool watch. From $22.81. When Greg shows up to Caroline's wedding with Comfry as his date, Shiv and Tom don't hesitate to point out that he's "punching above his weight." Did you ask for mommys permission for the use of squatch?. Tom wastes no opportunity to knock Greg down a peg whether he needs it or not. But, what's the play?Karl: I don't know. Tom: You told me. In season 2, Greg and Tom became major players at ATN, the conservative news network on Succession. Along with movies, Colin stays up-to-date on the latest must-see TV shows. High quality Greg Succession Quotes Aprons, designed and sold by independent artists. Especially during Succession first season, his character has yet to impress or endear anyone. Although he did once call me the cunt of Monte Logan: Roman, you're taking over as full chief When all of the main characters got together to decide who should be charged with wrongdoing, Roman suggested that it should basically be anyone with Greg sprinkles, implying that Greg should lose his. How do I know hes not your meat puppet?. After a intense sequence its relieving to see cousin Greg bumbling and baffling his words and creating something funny strictly off of dialogue. You did so well. By cruellesummer. Now could you please f**k off?. Since joining the Roy clan, he's gotten used to the privileges and entitlements of their lavish lifestyle. Succession has long been known for its'sharp writing full of fast zingers, hilarious one-liners, bad puns delivered with the utmost irony, zany insults, and seemingly made up phrases that are sofunny they'll make you snort yourvery rare and practically priceless glass of Pingus (1996) that your godfather gave you out of your nostrils. Kendall gives Lukas Matsson (Alexander Skarsgard) an interesting nickname. At this point, Greg seems to accept that he is a bad person and remarks, "What am I going to do with a soul anyway" before joining Tom. head coach Poor Greg. potentially his job for another. Along with movies, Colin stays up-to-date on the latest must-see TV shows. Greg: Yes. While his quotes are often strange, there's something admirable about a man who continues fighting for the approval of a family that will likely never accept him. He had a twisted sense of loyalty to bad actors like Lester McClintock and disregard for the safety of migrant workers, non-union, and union workers and for vulnerable performers and guests. Logan has a much less respectful suggestion which shows how he views his son at this time. Greg made his first major power move in the series when he secretly saved some of the compromising documents from the cruise ship that Tom sent him to destroy. Nobody is safe, and everybody has a weapons cache of cutting remarks up their sleeves. During their first interaction Caroline said, Nice to meet you. I'm not a hippy, Shiv. Could Tom be set to make moves to leave Waystar Royco in season 3? Of all the many acts of betrayal on Succession, Kendall's attempt to vote his father out of the company was one of the most riveting. Kendall Roy has gone through a lot of changes in the show but the end of season 2 seemed to suggest a possible change for the better as he publicly condemned his father. From $19.84. Roman (Kieran Culkin) tells Shiv (Sarah Snook) when they discuss the risks Waystar faces following Kendalls allegations against the company. Succession: Cousin Gregs Best Quotes. Tom Wambsgans Quotes - MagicalQuote Greg: I have, like, this, I have, like, this stupid worry that I will go over and there will be like goons and stooges and roughjacks there to administer a beating. While he might not be particularly subtle about playing both sides, he is willing to try. Shiv tells Tom who continues to spiral about his prison fears. So when a bus drops his family off a few feet from the wedding venue entrance, he doesn't hesitate to give voice his disappointment. Though they laugh, it is clear Greg understands how to keep the evidence close to the vest. Greg: Being at ATN, you know, is kind of like the one thing I didn't want to do? Roman tells Shiv after she leaves him with a broken-down Kendall to take a phone call. Roman adds in, mirroring Connors metaphorical request. Nearly every scene has witty and clever dialogue, but here are some of the best insults from the show listed below. Hearing Carolines British accent, Greg apparently responded instinctively, Likewise, your excellency, as if she were a British Royal. Don't beat yourself up. While there are plenty of quotes showing why Cousin Greg is ruthless like the rest of them, he does question some of their activities. RELATED: One Quote From Each Main Succession Character That Goes Against Their Personality. When Tom trophy male wife Wambsgans is tell you this, like yeah Kendall you're done. After almost reaching a moral breaking point in terms of working at ATN under Tom, Greg asked Logan to quit. He got fired. Greg suggested that he and Logan could negotiate a bit of a Grexit, a fun play on his name and Britains notorious Brexit exit from the European Union. No, Roman, it's great. Cousin Greg often seems like one of the most clueless characters on Succession, but some of his memorable lines prove that he can be ruthless as well. It is even more surprising that Shiv's own mother would find the comment so funny. So you've been stewing on that?Tom: Why yes, I have been stewing on it. Ignoring their mockery, Greg asks whether they think Comfry has any real depth or substance. Variety and the Flying V logos are trademarks of Variety Media, LLC. What Succession quotes made you laugh out loud? Movie News, Movie Trailers & upcoming Movie Reviews, The Leading Source for Gaming News, Reviews, and Interviews, Succession: 10 Cousin Greg Quotes That Prove He's Ruthless, One Quote From Each Main Succession Character That Goes Against Their Personality. He feels scapegoated after the hearing in DC, he confronts Shiv about her determination to deviate from a monogamous marriage, and then exerts a power move over Logan by stealing some of his dinner perhaps his bravest moment yet. It's harsh but savagely funny. In the second episode of Succession, Marcia instructed Greg to go to Logans house to pick up his slippers while he recovered in the hospital. With your responsibilities, it will be a very simple sell. Shanghaied into an open-borders free-fuck trade deal.Shiv: It was just an idea.Tom: Well, that's, that's a biggie just to throw in at the altar. The 100 Best Jobs Homer Simpson Has Worked on The Simpsons. The documents were hidden in a folder titled secret. Has Disney filed a patent for Roller Coaster that skips tracks. Roman: Oh. Im gonna grind his f**kin bones to make my bread.. As snow swirled, he left Ellisville, heading off to meet farmer customers and drive to Precision Plantings winter meeting. Roman asks after seeing falsified headlines about his family in a display room at Kendalls party. When Tom called out for the ridiculous choice, Greg said, Its not like they pre-pooped them, theyre really just sacks. Upon arriving at Logans residence, he asked the porter to pay for the taxi as it had previously been established that Greg had no money at the time. The truth is that my father is a malignant presence, a bully, and a liar, and he was fully personally aware of these events for many years and made efforts to hide and cover up. Logan asks Roman to join him for a trip to see Lukas Matsson and discuss the potential Waystar-GoJo merger. Lots of interesting ideas flying around.Frank: I got fired. So, the news is, tomorrow were all gonna try to look for jobs in the same branch of Target.. To begin with, Senator Eavis simply asked Greg if he was Toms assistant. As far as threats go, Logans never seemed more menacing than after Kendalls attempt to take him down. Stick his cock into my potato salad? RELATED:The 10 Best Succession Guest Stars. There are two ways to become famous. That is why Cousin Greg doesn't seem to belong in such a world. One of Tom's favorite pastimes is giving Greg a hard time. During the season 2 finale, "This Is Not for Tears," Tom confronts Shiv for dropping the wedding night bomb of non-monogamy. While the line was incredibly silly and brand-consistent for Greg, it was still pretty daring of her to tell the most powerful character in Succession, making the situation even more fun. Because of the extra distance, he is forced to strain his poor body to carry a suitcase on the night of his wedding. To some, Greg can seem like one of the few members of the Roy family who can be considered a decent person. But. Every word spoken and throw in every look too, it is all my favorite and I will watch the entire season front to back ten times more before I even consider honoring your request for favorite. All registered in England and Wales. Logan: Nasty.Kendall: I get it.Logan: So, we'll set up a press conference, and you'll admit that you knew everything and that you directed the coverup, and it went no higher. So, what's the best quote fromseason 3 of Succession? 11 You better give me the money, man. In the second episode of Succession, Marcia instructed Greg to go to Logans house to pick up his slippers while he recovered in the hospital. And according to fans of the show, Greg is definitely more than a pinch; Nicholas Braun is by far one of the most popular actors in Succession on Instagram. It had to be done.Shiv: Yeah. On January 12, 2012, Greg Chatterton kissed his wife goodbye in the still dark morning hours and climbed in his truck. Well, no, I mean if you jump out on someone on the road in the middle of the night, hit them on the head and shout, Im not ambushing you. Its still a f**king ambush.. On the hunting trip in the third episode of season 2, several of the Waystar team have doubts about Logan's plan to acquire PGM, the Pierce's media company. He hastens to clarify its cleanliness, and that the inherent grossness about putting food in a bag meant for something altogether less appetising is all in our heads. Featuring savage put-downs, stinging insults and strangely touching moments of honesty, feast upon our countdown of the greatest lines from the show so far. Succession Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes Tom: You told me. He enters every room with utter confidence and always has something hilarious to say with his very blunt opinions. So, whos the real winner?. Logan gathers the gang to strategise, telling Shiv off for making jokes that don't land and Connor for rubbing a Pierce cousin up the wrong way, before chucking this zinger in Roman's direction. Can we be civil and not pull our guts out all over the table?, Im better than you. When Tom calls Greg to ask him why he is spending so much time with Kendall, Greg is still attempting to appear as neutral as possible. He's so used to being low-status that he overcompensates to an absurd degree when talking to Greg, and this quote is one of the purest examples of that dynamic. Greg asks Logan what its worth to him if he were to join his side and get joint counsel under Waystars legal team. It didn't take long for us to understand just how savage the Roy siblings could be with each other just two episodes in, with Logan out of action, they bicker about who should be seen to take charge. Right before that, he was broke and unemployed. When Tom teases Greg about Greg's crush on Comfry, Greg pushes back, asking Tom how he landed Shiv. Was That The Resident Series Finale? Succession has plenty of great insults thrown around and it is usually aimed at a character's own family members. OK. Tom tells Greg after hearing that there will be no jail time for those involved with cruises. You're on your own. Kendall and Logan have always had a strained relationship as father and son but it gets much worse in season 3 after Kendall publicly turns on Logan. In addition to his work as Screen Rant, Colin is also a writer of News, Feature and Review pieces at Game Rant. What is the best Succession quotefrom season 3? french poet How much those of us who executed his wishes is for another day, but I think this is the day his reign ends. We really only eat Pulitzer over at Pierce. After being berated by Tom for his choice of shoes on his first day, he is caught helping himself to the free snacks in the canteen and stuffing them into a dog poop bag. Gerri responds to Roman, setting her boundaries with the loose cannon COO. Any update on the burning?, Some Guy with an undercut just called me soy boy.. With your responsibilities, it will be a very simple sell.Logan: Roman, you're taking over as full chief operating officer.Roman: Oh yeah? Governments come and go, politicians rise and fall: the Crown is always there. Not that. Roman speculates about Logans possible affair with Kerry (Zoe Winters). Roman isnt on the same page as his sister. Tom tells Shiv about the horrors that could await him during a potential prison stint. 1 Streak, Ginny & Georgia Seasons 1 and 2 Lead English TV, M3GAN Sequel Slated for 2025 Release Date With Allison Williams Returning, 10 More Underrated Movies Recommended by Christopher Nolan, Drag Race Sneak Peek: RuPaul Drops a Season 15 Snatch Game Bombshell, Michael Jacksons Biopic In Works, Emancipation Director Antoine Fuqua To Direct, Miss Universe RBonney Gabriel On Pageant Rigging Accusations: Felt Really Down About It, Emma Roberts Says Working Alongside Richard Gere Is Full Circle Moment, Amy Grant Reveals She Struggles To Remember Lyrics After Concussion: My Memory Is Still Coming Back, Bradley Cooper Calls Playing Leonard Bernstein in Maestro the Most Terrifying Role Ever, Dear Edward Trailer: Connie Britton & Taylor Schilling Star In New Apple TV+ Series About Surviving Tragedy & Surrogate Families, Antoine Fuqua to Direct Michael Jackson Biopic From Bohemian Rhapsody Producer, Storm Reid Had No Idea What Searching Was Before Starring in Follow-Up Missing. We probably invented the f**king words.. In the season 2 finale, Tom Wambsgans has had enough. I would like som suck-suck on my dicky dick.. On RPI, you're the best. Though clearly the most qualified for the job, Kendall was shot down by his father as an option for CEO in the previous episode, leading Roman to lash out with this stinger. With Tom's low ranking on the Succession power ladder, he's used to being told he's beneath Shiv (mostly by Shiv herself). Nobody is safe, and everybody has a weapons cache of cutting remarks up their sleeves. health, safety, compliance, a few bad apples. Apologies, Greg. The Roys are trying to win over the Pierces at their family home Tern Haven, so as to buy out their rival news company, and it's not working. Might as well take down the Red Cross and FEMA while he's at it. F**kin King Kong came out to dance for me. However, with the business still at hand, it requires them to share a lot of awkward times together. The relationship between Greg and Tom is one of the highlights of the show. Roys, he just couldnt believe the offer at first. On HBO's Succession, Tom Wambsgans is a weird guy, to say the least. Souls are boring. A tense helicopter ride home sees him hit the window in anger, before yelling this instantly iconic line to the pilot. united states, 10 Pokmon that would make great superheroes, The Vampire Diaries: 10 Best Stefan and Elena Quotes, World smile day: meaning, quotes and greetings, Seattle is the anti-fashion capital of the world, Sterling says Chelsea star presented best training hes ever seen, From the 15th century to the present day The Irish Times. And though he has plenty of flaws, Roman delivers some of the best putdowns. With Logan constantly gaslighting Kendall, and Kendall trying to usurp Logan over and over again, you could say their relationship is rocky at best. His response? Obviously. Logan: Please, stay. Shop Greg Succession Quotes bath mats designed and sold by independent artists. Tom (Matthew Macfadyen) says to Greg over the phone as he tries to ascertain where the nervous relatives loyalties lay. After making such a public declaration, Kendall hires a PR team to capitalize on this new attention. She got promoted. Though Succession won the Emmy for Outstanding Drama Series, the show is also hilarious with many quotes that will have fans laughing out loud. The tension?Logan: He ate my fuckin' chicken.Shiv: Um hmm.Logan: So, what's next? All Rights Reserved. The 20 Best Quotes From Succession 1. Connor says to his family, noting his preference for presidential candidate option. As iconic as Successions use of the sweary signoff is, the shows dialogue has so many more treasures to offer. And although Greg does say the negative stuff does tend to stick in the mind, he boosts Kendalls confidence with the meme-age mention. At pre-drinks for the event, Logan spots rival Sandy Furness (Larry Pine), and lets Tom and Greg know that he's apparently been suffering with a certain STI, with Tom responding in his usual awkward fashion. Youre kind of at the top of the pile. He's the oddball out, and typically the butt of the jokes. Colin McCormick is a Senior Writer with Screen Rant and has been a proud member of the team since 2019. Kendall Roy, a deeply complex Succession character, was extremely kind when he offered Greg a huge empty and expensive apartment to live in. Almost immediately after, however, Greg got nervous and apologized. Greg Succession Quotes Happy to read and share the best inspirational Greg Succession quotes, sayings and quotations on Wise Famous Quotes. Logan: Greg, Tom, it doesn't work. Roman asks Sandi (Hope Davis) about her fathers input and its validity considering his incapacitated state., Inc. takes no responsibility for the content or accuracy of the above news articles, Tweets, or blog posts. He tragically stumbled in his explanation of who he was, what he did and why he couldnt pay, but his mess of words just didnt translate to the porter or the cab driver. los angeles About Us | Copyright Inquiry | Privacy Policy | Contact Us. Cousin Greg Character Shirt Classic T-Shirt. Logan confirming with Roman that hes aware of what the term dick pics means. It is especially fun when he is cornered and tries to same his own neck with his ill-informed ramblings. As usual, Tom goes to far with his rambling, wrapping up this already inane quote with a non sequitur ode to BDSM. NEXT: Retro-Casting Succession In The 1970s, Next So while fans eagerly await the new season of Succession, they can revisit its most hilarious quotes. However, he is so awkward about potentially hurting his feelings, it comes off like he is asking permission to blackmail Tom.

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